Contents of Franco Corelli and a Revolution in Singing

Contents of the forthcoming book

Franco Corelli and a Revolution in Singing 

by Stefan Zucker





Del Monaco, Corelli and Their Influence

Del Monaco, Corelli and Their Influence

Sweet vs. Laryngeal Tenors

Corelli’s Virility

Corelli’s Goal


Some Del Monaco and Corelli Predecessors

Donzelli and Duprez

De Lucia


How Caruso Contrasted with De Lucia and Tamagno (includes a short interview with Corelli)

Pertile: Unaffected by Caruso, He Was an Influence on Corelli (interview with Corelli)

Pertile on Vowels

Schipa: Unaffected by Caruso

Schipa’s Specter (interview with Corelli)

Gigli (interview with Corelli)

Corelli “Does” Gigli

Gigli’s Chiaroscuro

Lauri-Volpi vs. the Verismo Style (interview with Corelli)

Del Monaco (interview with Corelli)


Lowered-Larynx Techniques

The Origins of Lowered-Larynx Techniques

Did Caruso Use a Laryngeal Method?

Some Lessons With Melocchi

The Lowered-Larynx Mafia

Corelli’s Real View of the Stanley Method

Some Del Monaco Successors

A Corelli Successor (interview with Enrique Pina)

Matteuzzi and Morino: Unaffected by Del Monaco and Corelli

Olivero Attacks Del Monaco’s Technique (interview with Olivero)

Callas Criticizes Corelli (letter)

Lauri-Volpi Attacks Corelli’s Technique

Different Singing Techniques


The Fluctuating Fortunes of Vibrato: Once Thought to Convey Emotion, Fast Vibrato Is Again Out of Fashion


Some Other Tenors

Ferruccio Tagliavini (short interviews with Corelli and Tagliavini)

Polar Opposites: Corelli and Di Stefano (interview with Corelli)


Domingo (short interview with Corelli)



Observations on a Career and a Life

Tenore del Mondo (interview with Corelli)

Some Missing Information (short interviews with Franco and Loretta Corelli)

To Return or Not to Return? (short interview with Corelli)

Seghers’s Botched Bio (short interview with Franco and Loretta Corelli)

Diana Fanizza Refutes Seghers (interview with Fanizza and short interviews with Loretta and Zylis-Gara)

The Duel with Christoff and “Barbieri sola, sola”--Was Something Else Going On? (short interviews with Barbieri, Corelli and Frazzoni)

Potter’s Corelli Chapter



Appendix 1: Del Monaco vs. Corelli: Their Dirty Fight to Become the Tenor (letters from the Met Archives by Bing, Bauer and Herman)

Appendix 2: Coach Giuseppe Bertelli (Rosina Wolf on Bertelli, Corelli and young Stefan; short interview with Franco and Loretta Corelli)

Appendix 3:Verdi on Bonci's Laugh

Appendix 4: Lauri-Volpi: A Defense Against Stefan (letter)

Appendix 5: Lessons with Marcello and Mario Del Monaco (letter)

Stefan Zucker

Corelli and Jerome Hines Interviewed by Zucker, “Opera Fanatic,” March 3, 1990: Track Listings

Corelli Interviewed by Zucker, “Opera Fanatic,” May 12, 1990: Track Listings

Corelli Presents Pertile: Corelli Interviewed by Zucker, “Opera Fanatic,” March 30, 1991: Track Listings


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